Sun Forest Construction has been building in Central Oregon for over 37 years.  In addition to our residential projects we have successfully completed many commercial projects.  Our portfolio includes restaurants, recreational facilities, tenant improvements, banking facility, schools and an office/mixed use building.
Sun Forest Construction is an employee owned company with skilled craftsmen that apply the utmost quality to their work without losing sight of the budget or schedule.  Many of our employees have worked on some of the largest commercial jobs in Central Oregon and come to us with vast experience.  No job is too big or too small for our abilities.  We would appreciate the opportunity to be invloved with your next commercial project.
We can offer the following free services to assist you or your clients:
-Detailed cost estimates
-Construction schedules
-Feasibility studies
-Plan review
-Value engineering
-Conceptual estimates


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How Sun Forest Operates


Sun Forest recognizes the vital importance of planning in the success of its projects. 

We believe the time spent in careful thinking and attention to detail, prior to construction, pays dividends throughout the course of a project.  Our approach to Pre-Construction Services is best described as team-oriented and hands-on.  We work with the key players to define the scope of work, and develop the project on a phase-by-phase basis.


Each step of a project incorporates review and evaluation in order to set and maintain the quality, integrity and budget of the overall project.  Sun Forest is prepared to bring our 35 years of experience and our 30+ employee construction team into this process to help do our part to ensure the success of the project.


How Sun Forest selects its subcontractors is one of the most important elements that lead to our successful projects.  We have already completed hundreds of projects and have several under construction that demonstrate this capability.  Strong project management is what makes this successful.  It can be an uphill battle working with the wrong subcontractors.  When selecting subcontractors for a project, Sun Forest applies three principle criteria:


  • The subcontractor must be good. "Good" means that they must be legal (licensed, bonded, insured, and not paying their people in cash so that withholding costs can be avoided, etc.). "Good" also means that they have a track record of experience and people to perform the work required on schedule and at the expected level of quality.
  • The subcontractor must be available. No one wants to have a completed foundation sitting while the project waits for the framing contractor to become available.
  • The price has to be right. The price has to reflect the complete scope of work (no holes). Furthermore, it must be competitive within the industry.